About Miss Patty

Expert in educational-interactive music. Children’s musician and performer. Keynote speaker for early educators. Proud mother of three children. 

Patty Shukla

Patty Shukla is an American singer, songwriter and musician. She is an internationally recognized expert in educational-interactive music for children. She began her children’s music career by making educational music videos on YouTube. Now her channel is watched by hundreds of millions of people worldwide She later developed her own music show called “Musical PE For You & Me” that is based on interactive development skills for early childhood curriculum. Patty Shukla is frequently a keynote speaker for educational workshops nationwide. She is a proud parent to three children and is inspired by them daily. 

Interview: Miss Patty” as her fans call her, has had a love of music her whole life. She started recording music at only thirteen years of age, has a degree in theater and had been performing full time for over 20 years for children, weddings, corporate events, music venues and theater shows .

 “Music was (and still is) so special to my heart because it involves my children along with my true values. I believe that it is important to be teaching our children interactive, educational and fun songs that bring the whole family together.”

Shukla realized the impact educational music made on her own children and how quickly they learned. She began researching the core curriculum for preschool and elementary students and gets her inspiration from those development milestones. What makes Shukla’s songs so popular is the fact that all of her songs she records are original. She writes catchy music in a variety of upbeat styles with simple lyrics so the kids can sing and dance along. She has songs about shapes, colors, textures, left and right, helping verbs, counting, using your imagination, sign language and much more.





Today, Shukla’s family is appears to be a modern day version of the Partridge Family. Her husband Neel plays the drums at their live shows and arranges all the music for her recordings. Her children, now 13, 11 and 3 years old sing on all the CDs and the eldest ones help out at the shows. Although Neel still performs in orchestras and theaters in the area, the Children’s Music business has become a full time business for the family. Patty and Neel write songs together, have a home studio where they record all of the music and videos and also just added a green screen room. Patty performs between 6-8 shows each week in the mornings and the rest of the day before the kids come home from school they work on new songs and post new music videos weekly on Shukla’s YouTube channel. The Shukla’s schedule over 200 shows nationwide per year. In fact, the entire family just finished a nationwide music tour in which they drove 9,500 miles through 26 states in 36 days performing at 19 shows. “It was thrilling to meet almost 300 fans at most of the shows. It was a wonderful opportunity to do it all together as a family.”

Shukla is quickly becoming a worldwide sensation and just recently released 6 new music apps with her most popular music videos, touch instruments on screen and lyrics to read along. To date, in addition to the new apps, Shukla has recorded 6 CDs, 5 DVDs, has over 300 music videos on her YouTube channel with over 500 million views! “We receive approximately 18 million views per month on YouTube,” said Patty. “The coolest thing is allows subscribers of my channel to see the latest and newest video each week.”

Shukla’s only regret to her children’s music career is that she didn’t start it sooner. “I love the fact that I am helping children learn through music. Even parents with children who have Autism have reached out and thanked us for helping their child speak, move and communicate. It’s AMAZING! I also love that children are so encouraging and positive. When I see 300 students at an elementary school smiling and laughing with me, dancing and learning at the same time…it doesn’t feel like work.”

When we asked Shukla what advice she would give to other Mompreneurs or moms looking to start their own businesses, she replied, “I would say, think about how good you are in sales before you start your own business. It is hard enough establishing your talent, but only the ones who know how to share it with others succeed. Learn ALL you can about sales!”

We’ll continue to keep our eyes on Shukla and cheer her and her family on with their success. She tells us that she has plans to continue on doing what she loves best—performing. In addition to writing, performing and creating new apps and YouTube videos, the Shukla’s are planning a new DVD release by the end of the year in addition to a workbook highlighting English, math and Science to go along with each song.

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