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About Patty Shukla

About Patty Shukla

I can’t tell you how inspired I am each and every day by the wealth of accolades my program “Musical PE for You & Me” receives! From the beginning, I’ve used my background in educational music to reach children of all ages and developmental levels. With movement, song, and relatable lyrics, I strive every day to teach, inspire and educate – now and for the future.

As a performer at more than 200 venue placements annually, I choreograph, write and produce songs that engage students of all ages and take their physical and musical education to the next level.

I’m pleased and honored to be able to teach children and my YouTube audience of more than 15 million visitors per month how to move, sing, perform…and how to be their best.

I’m often asked how it all started. Here’s how I began writing music, the groups I connect with and educate today, and where Shukla Music LLC is headed for the future of children across the globe.Mommy and Me Music Class with Patty Shukla

A Musical Background

Inspired by and surrounded with music from my earliest years, I wrote and recorded my first songs at age 13. I went on to major in Theater and Music at Florida State University in 1996.

After receiving my degree, I made the decision to take my unique talents where they’d be needed most. I happily accepted a position at a Montessori school as Artistic Director in 1998 and began working with students from 1st through 4th grade, teaching them song, breathing techniques, and performance skills.

I soon found I was able to help children of all ages to engage and learn through musical creativity and choreography. Excited and encouraged, I expanded my roster at Florida elementary and high schools to include the title of voice, music and choral specialist.

Shukla Music LLC

Encouraged by the positive feedback I received from students, parents and teachers, I decided to follow a lifelong dream, and  in 2009 Shukla Music LLC was born.

As chief Music Educator for Shukla Music, I have created more than 400 educational music videos that attract 15 million viewers monthly from across the globe. My husband Neel is my business partner who contributes, arranges and helps write every songs with me. Together we record, edit, produce and create all videos.action songs for kids patty shukla

My flagship program “Musical PE for You & Me” focuses on children ages 2-8, teaching them gross motor skills, counting, colors and shapes, rhyming, sign language, and life and social skills. I perform my program live at schools and venues for groups as small as five and as large as five hundred or more participants.

Toward the Future: Music, Kids…and Real Results

Today I’m privileged to maintain a hectic but happy schedule of events. In addition to my YouTube channel, interactive DVDs, and resource blog, I perform throughout the year at schools, music venues, theaters and corporate events.

I’ve been asked, “Why do you focus on children and developmental milestones? What is and was your inspiration?”

My answer? Music is close to my heart because it connects core values with students I come to know and love. An educational music program can be tremendously impactful. Going toward the future, it is important to teach the children of today interactive, educational and fun songs that help them to grow, while bringing the whole family together.

As I move toward the future along with my many wonderful students, I am privileged to continue to craft targeted, developmental milestone-based music that gets kids engaged…and changes how they learn about, and engage with, their world.Shukla Family Photo 2017 December

I reside in Florida with my husband Neel and three children Emma, Sage and Xavier…who inspire me every day.

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