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Preschool Transition Songs

Transition Songs Preschool transition songs are a vital part of a child’s every day routine in the classroom. A transition is something that helps moves children from one activity to another. Transitions can be rhythmic chants, songs, or short stories. Early Childhood Music Class I have been teaching early childhood music or as we say “Mommy & […]

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App for Kids – Happy Kids and Active Learners

App for kids to learn colors, shapes, counting, dancing, playing and have fun all day!             It’s free! “Miss Patty’s app makes my little girl smarter!”. “We dance all day with Miss Patty’s music app”. App for Kids –  Happy kids who are active learners. Patty Shukla – YouTube edition […]

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Nursery Rhymes for Language and Reading Skills

Ah Nursery rhymes. There is something so comforting and familiar when we hear “The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout”. It’s catchy, but also has valuable development skills for our children. It never fails to capture everyone’s attention when I start singing and doing the motions with my fingers to that song, in […]

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Top 5 FREE Music Apps for Children

PBS Kids, Sesame Street, YouTube and I have one thing in common, educational music videos and now free apps that help our children learn. As a mother to three children and creator of children’s educational content, I know what are the best music apps and resources available online. My number one priority is safety first […]

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Mommy and Me Music Class with Patty Shukla

Mommy and Me Music with Patty Shukla, KinderMusic and MusicTogether are 3 amazing music classes, designed to implement learning through music at an early age. While there are differences to each individual program, I can say that mine is geared towards early childhood development, movement, interaction, sing alongs with live guitar, instrument play time, sign language […]

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Finger Puppet Songs

Fine motor skill is the coordination of small muscle movements which occur in body parts such as the fingers, usually in coordination with the eyes. It is nothing short of a miracle each time I teach my Mommy & Me Music class and suddenly the entire room filled with children ages 0 to 3 years […]

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Children’s Music for 0-3 Years Old

If you have children that are ages 0-3 years old, click here for 39 music videos that will be perfect for them. Everything from basic sign language to jumping, dancing, fun songs that will make them smile! Below are some coloring pages too, from my work book “English, Math & Science for Early Learners” Enjoy! […]

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