Best Baby Names

Baby Names – Learn to Spell Your Name

Baby names are so important to everyone around the world. What a huge decision for any parents to make, naming their child. However, we should stop to consider that learning how to spell their name may be a difficult process for your soon to be preschooler one day. Today’s parents have picked some very unique and challenging names […]

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Project Brilliance

Preschool Transition Songs

Transition Songs Preschool transition songs are a vital part of a child’s every day routine in the classroom. A transition is something that helps moves children from one activity to another. Transitions can be rhythmic chants, songs, or short stories. Early Childhood Music Class I have been teaching early childhood music or as we say “Mommy & […]

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Graduation song for preschoolers and kindergarten teachers patty shukla children's music

Graduation Song for Preschool and Kindergarten

“A graduation song for preschool and kindergarten students is hard to find,” a teacher said to me last year. After some thought and research, I too could not find many graduation songs for children. Of course educators can use any cute song that fits the occasion, but I wanted to create one that would be PERFECT for this special […]

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Fire Prevention Week

Fire prevention week is always in October, but anytime is a good time to talk about fire safety. My little boy is almost 3 years old and fascinated with any type of truck, especially ones that make loud noises! We make a big deal when we see a fire truck and imitate their sirens. While it is exciting […]

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National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month! YAY! ¡celebremos! My ancestors were from Spain and England, so technically that makes me 50% Hispanic.! This is one of the reason I have a Spanish album of children’s music. My most popular songs are also in Spanish. It’s an easy way for children to learn another language! My mother and father are […]

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National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month is always in September. About 1 of every 5 (17%) children in the United States has obesity. As the Center for Disease Control and Prevention clarifies: Childhood obesity is a major public health problem. Children who have obesity are more likely to have obesity as adults. This can lead to […]

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Visit The USA with Kids! Top 10 List

What are you waiting for? Visit the USA with your children and show them a bit of history, culture, geography and the country up close. This summer we drove 7600 miles and visited 15 United States with our 3 children. Yes! You heard me correctly, we drove in our mini van across the country twice […]

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It’s a Small World!

It’s a small world! Something magical happens when we hear music. What is it that brings children together? Is it the beat? Is it the words? Is it a feeling? I don’t know the answer. All I know is what I see. Every time I do a live show with hundreds of children of all […]

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Talk Like a Pirate Day!

International Pirate’s Day! Bet you didn’t know there was such a thing? Yes! And why not. Let’s all have a little fun pretending on a day that isn’t halloween to be a fun, lovely captain of our own ships. Ahoy Mateys! Every year on September 19th it is international “Talk Like a Pirate Day!” Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! Here are some […]

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Grandparent’s Day

Grandparents Day is something we try never to miss in my family! “Let’s go to Grandma’s House!!!!” It’s National Grandparent’s day! We are spending it with my Mother, better known in our family as “Abu” short for Abuela. My children LOVE Abu! She is like a child when she’s with them. She plays card games, […]

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