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Baby names are so important to everyone around the world. What a huge decision for any parents to make, naming their child. However, we should stop to consider that learning how to spell their name may be a difficult process for your soon to be preschooler one day. Baby boy namesToday’s parents have picked some very unique and challenging names for our children. These beautiful names, may not be easy for a 3 and 4 year old to learn how to spell as their first word. That’s why I wrote a song to help my little boy learn his name and now it’s helping children all over the world. Click here to find your child’s name and sing along.

BIG DECISION! Deciding what to name our 3rd child was not as easy as the first two. I grew up dreaming of having a little girl and boy, so naturally two names were destined before they were conceived. By the time our 3rd child came around, we were lacking ideas. Of course we started looking through baby name books, baby names online, baby name directories and asking friends and family for suggestions. It was exhausting! We wanted a “one of a kind” sort of name, but something that everyone would remember.  That’s when we made the decision to name our 3rd child Xavier. We were happy that process was behind us and we felt we picked the right one for his personality. It wasn’t until he was 1 years old and started talking that we quickly realized, uh oh, Xavier might not be the easiest name for him to spell or even say.  Yikes!

SING IT! That’s when I started singing his name to him. Instantly (no exaggeration) he started singing along X.A.V.I.E.R, X.A.V.I.E.R, X.A.V.I.E.R, Xavier, Xavier, Xavier! From then on when people asked him what his name was he spelled it for them and sang the song. It was the cutest thing ever. I was one proud Mama to know he could sing and spell your name before he could even write it!Baby Names All Patty Shukla

What if other children could learn this same way? I posted on my Facebook fan page Patty Shukla Kids Music a simple sentence: What’s your child’s name? In less than 24 hours my post reached over 12,000 people. There were over 250 comments with names and replies. That inspired me to do a LIVE steam and see if anyone would have an interest in having me sing their child’s name. To my surprise there were over 100 people who watched and requested their child’s name and 2 days later over 4,000 people viewed that saved LIVE broadcast. WOW!

LEARNING CAN BE FUN! It seems there is a need for help teaching your child how to spell their name. There are tons of amazing parents who want to start the learning process at home, before their toddler starts school. That’s great!  So, for those parents I have created a new YouTube channel called Teaching Kids Videos with short personalized videos singing as many names as I can for anyone who requests their child’s name. If you want your child’s name to be included, just make a comment on my facebook page or in the comments/discussion page of my new YouTube channel.

I’m excited to hear your success stories and see your adorable little ones spelling their names!



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