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Show Description: Sing and dance with award winning children’s musician Patty Shukla. This interactive music show will get your child dancing to colors, twisting their right and left hand, wiggling and singing along! Patty Shukla is a YouTube Superstar for kids. With over 500 million views on her channel, 7 CDs and 5 DVDs educators around the world use her music to enhance their curriculum. For more information: 

Highlighted Show Videos:

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Wiggle It! (Body Parts, Gross Motor Skills)

Free Dance! (Following Direction. Gross Motor Skills) Patty Shukla’s Duo Band Around the USA.

Roar Like a Lion! (Loud and Soft Sounds. Call and Response)

Be Responsible, Safe and Respectful (Character Building and Sign Language)

Twist! (Right and Left Hand Association)

Stand Up, Sit Down (Bilingual, Gross Motor Skills)

Jump! (Gross Motor Skills, Body Parts)

Curriculum Highlights and Song Titles:

“MUSICAL PE FOR YOU & ME” (45 minutes, accommodating up to 200 students in a cafeteria space)

Roar Like a Lion! – Students will explore sounds that are loud and soft. Distinguish between loud and quiet animals.

Play with Me, Sing Along! – Students will increase their skills in listening carefully and following directions attentively. This activity is specifically designed to reinforce gross motor skills development through participatory exercise.

Wiggle It! – Students will demonstrate physical participation. They will review and learn the major body parts.

Guessing Game – Students will develop creative-thinking, auditory-discrimination, and problem-solving skills as they try to identify the objects they cannot see.

S.T.O.P. – Students will demonstrate physical participation, self-control and coordination of body movements. In addition, students will spell the word “Stop”.

Helping Verbs – Students will memorize English grammar through song and repetition.

Stand Up, Sit Down – Students will be able to follow basic verb imperatives (commands) through exercise, demonstrating self-control.

Rhyming Song – Students will define and identify a rhyme. They will then form suitable words rhyming with the one given as an example.

Twist – Students will enhance right and left discrimination through play, song and dance.

I Can Do It – Students will demonstrate fitness while learning new movements with an emphasis on right and left hand association.

If I Were An Animal (Optional) – Students will identify and act out familiar animals with use of their imaginations.

Tooth Fairy – Students will recognize and identify the 5 Ws and 1 H of storytelling.

Jump! – Students will develop gross motor skills by using the large muscles in their body to jump.


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