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CD for Children by Patty Shukla

CD Jump, Wiggle and Hop!

$12.99 $9.99

CD Jump, Wiggle and Hop!

Product Description


CD for children Jump, Wiggle and Hop by Patty Shukla CDBest seller children’s music that is educational and fun. This CD focuses on gross motor skills, shapes, counting, fire safety, math, fruits, professions, fine motor skills, textures, phonics and halloween. Featured songs: Be Happy and Jump, Shapes, Choo Choo Train, Wiggle it!, Fire Truck, Doubles, My Shadow, 5 Little Airplanes, I Like Fruit, Walking One Day, In My Neighborhood, Just the Way I Am, Hand Jive, My Helper, Textures, Bunny Hop, Phonics, Thank you, 5 Little Penguins and Jack-O-Lantern. This is Patty Shukla’s 7th album of 20 original children’s songs, as featured on her popular YouTube channel with millions of views. (Approx. time 45 minutes. For children ages 1-8)

*****We listent to Miss Patty’s music every day! Hagen Road Elementary School


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