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13 songs on “Musical PE for You and Me”
Kids Music

children's music dvd by patty shukla musical pe for you and me Educational Children’s Music DVD
Action songs for active children. Dance and learn early childhood development skills. Teacher and parent approved.
Animal Movements
Learn Body Parts
Follow Fun Directions
Dancing, Movement and Lots of Gross Motor Skills
Loud and Soft Sounds
Solving Problems with Clues – a Guessing Game
Featured songs: JUMP!, S.T.O.P., Above It, Hide and Seek, Play With Me, Sing Along!, Little Red, Elephant Steps, I Like Counting Candy, Stand Up, Sit Down, Guessing Game, If I Were An Animal, Shake and Move, Roar Like a Lion!
Approx. 40 minutes. For children ages 1-8
All songs are from Patty Shukla’s popular family YouTube channel.

***** (Five Star Rating) By Miranda

This review is from: Musical PE for You & Me! (DVD)
My 2.5 year old twins discovered Patty Shukla on Youtube. They love her songs and videos, and jump around with joy whenever her songs are playing. This DVD, of course, was a big hit! They’ve watched it at least 15 times and are still not bored of it. Most sing-along DVDs out there include classic nursery songs that even 2 year olds are sick of listening to. Patty Shukla’s songs are a wonderful alternative to classic nursery songs and kids absolutely love singing along. Highly recommended!

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