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CD Play With Me, Sing Along!

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CD Play with Me Sing Along

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cd for children by patty shukla play with me sing alongBest seller children’s music that is educational and fun. This CD focuses on gross motor skills, animals, counting to 10, colors of the rainbow, musical freeze dance and being responsible. Featured songs: Little Red, Jump!, Elephant Steps, S.T.O.P., Superhero, If I Were an Animal, I Like Candy, Grandma’s House, Roy G. Biv and Be Still. This is Patty Shukla’s 1st album of 11 original children’s songs, as featured on her popular YouTube channel with millions of views. (Approx. time 32 minutes. For children ages 1-8)

***** (Five Star Rating) By Scott Silver

This review is from: Play With Me, Sing Along! (Audio CD)
I just loved Patty Shukla’s Play With Me, Sing Along! It is great music for everyone- kids will love it and the grown ups too. It is never too early to introduce your children to good music and this is a great start! It has wonderful and fun lyrics, Patty’s beautiful voice and great melodies.


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