Self Defense Class in Tequesta May 25th



My husband’s good friend Andrew Proctor is a 4th degree black belt and his wife Sherry a 2nd degree black belt who teach self defense classes in Miami, FL.
I asked him to come up to Tequesta, where I live, to teach me and my friends their self defense class and they have agreed! YAY! Sign up now, it will fill up (limited to 20 people).

Time: 10am-Noon
Location: 383 Tequesta Drive Suite B in the Gallery Grille Square Plaza
Cost: $30

Wear comfortable clothes as this is an interactive class.

Class description: This will be a hands on class that will involve kicking and striking drills so participants should dress in comfortable clothing suitable for exercise.

Self Defense and Empowerment Seminar

  • Practical and Effective Techniques that are easy to learn
  • How to escape and defend from different types of attackers
  • The more you know the safer you and your family will be
  • Be Aware of your surroundings and know what to do avoid or deal with a dangerous threat
  • The class will cover serious issues and will be appropriate for all adults and mature teens

Instructor information: Andrew Proctor, is a 4th Degree Black Belt in the USA GOJU Federation. Sensei Proctor has been teaching karate and self defense for over 20 years.



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