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DVD Sign with Miss Patty (ASL) Bonus Edition

$14.99 $11.99

DVD Sign with Miss Patty

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DVD for children by patty shukla American Sign Language ASLNew Bonus Edition – With 50% more words and videos. Over 150 different American Sign Language words for beginners. (35min)

Again, All done, Apple, Aunt, Baby, Bad, Ball, Bath, Be Careful, Because, Bed, Bird, Blanket, Boat, Book, Boy, Cat, Cereal, Clean, Cold, Cookie, Cow, Daddy, Dance, Day, Dirty, Dog, Drink, Eat, Egg, Family, Fish, Flower, Follow Me, Friend, Frog, Funny, Girl, Give Me, Go, Good, Grandma, Grandpa, Happy, Hat, Help, Hi, Horse, Hot, House, How are you?, How Many?, Hungry, Hurry, Hurt, Juice, Kiss, Make, Me, Milk, Mommy, More, Music, Nice to meet you, Night, No, Off, On, Play, Please, Potty, Put down, Quiet, Rain, Sad, Same, See, Share, SisterBrother, Sit, Sleep, Slow, Snow, Stand, Stop, Story, Telephone, Thank you, Thirsty, Toilet, Tree, Uncle, Wait, Want, Wash with soap, Water, Yes, Yogurt. Plus colors, alphabet and more.

***** (Five Star Rating) By Laura Bezdan
This review is from: Sign with Miss Patty (DVD)
Miss Patty is a genius when it comes to communicating with children. She is so loving and kind that the kid in me felt valued. This DVD is the best way for very young children, and their parents, to learn basic sign language. The signs are demonstrated through repetitious songs, that are very effective. I highly recommend this for every child (and grown up).

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