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YouTube Music App by Patty Shukla


FREE Music App with all of Patty Shukla’s Youtube videos. *ONLY Available in the App Store.
Search “Patty Shukla YouTube Edition”

Sing, dance and learn!

Hundreds of fun musical videos by award winning children’s musician, Patty Shukla!
Sing along with easy to learn movements and lyrics that are educational.
Easy to use, child friendly and mother approved.
Quality illustrations, animation and sounds.
Great for teaching children English as a second language.

– Core curriculum set for ages 0 to 8
– Gross motor skills
– English speaking/reading skills
– Shapes and Colors
– Sight Words
– Counting
– Memory
– Alphabet
– Days of the Week
– Colors
– Spelling
– Subtraction
– Right and Left
– Verbs
– Counting

Six categories: Counting, Action, Favorite, Story, Sign and Search.
New videos are released weekly.
Stream videos over Wi-Fi connection anywhere.
Easy for little ones to navigate.
Big buttons, scrolling and full screen viewing.
Tap the screen to stop a video and move on to the next one.

Top Comments
1. My toddlers love Miss Patty’s music! We are all big fans of her music. It gets the kids up and dancing. Her music is catchy and enjoyable.

2. “THESE are HUGE interactions being initiated by our nonverbal students in response to your music. It is such a perfect fit to our school expectations and the children LOVE IT! You are a blessing!” – Nancy Collier Schools

3. “Our nonverbal students love Miss Patty’s videos. They come out of their shells; happily responding to the music while learning to interact and improve their motor skills. It is a perfect fit with our school curriculum, and the parent’s expectations. And did I mention?-The children LOVE it. You are a blessing Miss. Patty.”

4. “Patty Shukla…resonates with kids who are bored with nursery rhymes but not yet ready for top 40. Her music keeps kids moving and entertained while teaching…” Erin Leigh Peck,

* Patty Shukla Kids Music App contains paid ads in order to offer the app for free.
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