UnSafe YouTube Channel for Children

Not All Apps are Safe for Children

Not all apps are safe for children. SCARY All of a sudden, as I was cooking dinner, I heard screaming and crying coming from my child’s iPad.  I immediately went over to him and said “What are you watching Honey?” He passed the iPad to me and I saw he was on YouTube Kids, an […]

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Music for Autism by Children’s Musician Patty Shukla

There is an undeniable joy that fills their souls, when children who have autism hear music! They instantly start clapping and singing along, expressing themselves in a beautiful way that is normally restricted. Music is freedom! I am deeply moved by the show of emotions, time and time again in my live concerts and small group classes. With […]

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Music for Children with Special Needs

When I started writing songs for my children years ago, I focused on having fun, dancing and incorporating educational skills they needed to learn. What I didn’t realize is what an impact my songs would have, around the world, on children with special needs too. Wow! What a great feeling! Now, I am drawn to […]

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