UnSafe YouTube Channel for Children

Not All Apps are Safe for Children

Not all apps are safe for children. SCARY All of a sudden, as I was cooking dinner, I heard screaming and crying coming from my child’s iPad.  I immediately went over to him and said “What are you watching Honey?” He passed the iPad to me and I saw he was on YouTube Kids, an […]

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App for Kids – Happy Kids and Active Learners

App for kids to learn colors, shapes, counting, dancing, playing and have fun all day!             It’s free! “Miss Patty’s app makes my little girl smarter!”. “We dance all day with Miss Patty’s music app”. App for Kids –  Happy kids who are active learners. Patty Shukla – YouTube edition […]

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Top 5 FREE Music Apps for Children

PBS Kids, Sesame Street, YouTube and I have one thing in common, educational music videos and now free apps that help our children learn. As a mother to three children and creator of children’s educational content, I know what are the best music apps and resources available online. My number one priority is safety first […]

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