Ultimate Teacher Resource Lesson Plans2

Early Childhood Development Skills and Lesson Plans

The Ultimate Resource for Early Childhood Development Skills Kindergarten lesson plans should be fun, packed with play and new development and learning skills. I believe kindergarten is the most important year to get children to “Love to Learn”. Love counting, love colors, love interacting and love the process in understanding something new. That’s why I’ve […]

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Parent Guide to Kindergarten

Parent Guide to Kindergarten success! Kindergarten: What is expected by the time your child starts kindergarten is WAY different then what it used to be. Maybe you are like me and have a toddler who will be going into Kindergarten soon. Yikes! It was a decade ago, that my two older children went to Kindergarten. […]

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Kindergarten Ready Checklist

OMG! Your little one is going to start Kindergarten soon! What a milestone and an exciting new chapter in their lives and yours. Did you know there is a Kindergarten ready checklist that all teachers use as a guide? Yes, there’s one for all ages and levels of education. It’s no secret. YAY! Finding this […]

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