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Early Childhood Development Skills and Lesson Plans

The Ultimate Resource for Early Childhood Development Skills Kindergarten lesson plans should be fun, packed with play and new development and learning skills. I believe kindergarten is the most important year to get children to “Love to Learn”. Love counting, love colors, love interacting and love the process in understanding something new. That’s why I’ve […]

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Meet Patty Shukla and Family

MEET PATTY SHUKLA AND FAMILY Do you want to meet us, The Shuklas? I have finally convinced my crazy, musical family to start a family vlogging channel on YouTube. Now you can follow our daily adventures by subscribing to “We Are the Shuklas”, click here! As you know, we make music for a living and […]

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Learn to Read in 10 Easy Steps

Phonics songs, the alphabet song, letter words songs and sight words songs are some easy ways to make reading fun! My son is two and half years old now. He is funny, intuitive and always asking me to read. He pretends he is reading too and follows along, pointing out the main characters in the […]

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New CD Release, I Like To Dance and Sing!

Children’s music reviewed by well known NY writer and dad, Jeffrey Cohen. One dad’s music and miscellaneous blog. Two hundred million views can’t be wrong. No, I’m not talking about the latest video from Psy (the Korean rap star behind Gangnam Style). It’s of course children’s music entrepeneaur Patty Shukla, who returns this month with her latest […]

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The New Raffi, Patty Shukla

Article written by Whitney Boyd. Patty Shukla CD Review – Wiggle It! Remember when you were a kid and you listened to Raffi non-stop… over and over and over again? Well, I have found the new Raffi. Patty Shukla is a singer and songwriter whose music is absolutely addicting for kids. My boys are addicted, […]

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Curriculum In Children’s Music

Children’s music, kids songs, nursery rhymes, toddlers tunes and baby music are often our first introduction to learning. When my son was two years old I realized his speech was delayed and he had trouble identifying colors. We took him to the doctor and asked what we could do. He said not to worry, that’d he’d probably […]

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Mommy and Me Music Class with Patty Shukla

Mommy and Me Music with Patty Shukla, KinderMusic and MusicTogether are 3 amazing music classes, designed to implement learning through music at an early age. While there are differences to each individual program, I can say that mine is geared towards movement, interaction, sing alongs with live guitar, instrument play time, sign language and hands on […]

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It’s a Small World!

It’s a small world! Something magical happens when we hear music. What is it that brings children together? Is it the beat? Is it the words? Is it a feeling? I don’t know the answer. All I know is what I see. Every time I do a live show with hundreds of children of all […]

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Exercise Music Videos For Kids

The Stay at Home Mom Survival Guide blog by Jaimie Rickson It can be tough to get kids moving when you are stuck inside. I have a solution for you! This will get your little ones moving-and even getting exercise-while inside. I used these when I was too sick to really keep up with my […]

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Preschool Ready with Music, Song and Dance

Mom in the Now blog by Tove Maren Stakkestad My favorite way to get the kids preschool ready is with music, song and dance! Recently I had the stereo cranked UP as I was driving around with the kids in the car. In true mom-fashion, the tunes I had blaring were of course children’s songs […]

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Finger Puppet Songs

Fine motor skill is the coordination of small muscle movements which occur in body parts such as the fingers, usually in coordination with the eyes. It is nothing short of a miracle each time I teach my Mommy & Me Music class and suddenly the entire room filled with children ages 0 to 3 years […]

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How To Burn Off Your Kid’s Energy Indoors

Baby Talks blog by Jing Cucio On days that we don’t feel like going out and there is nowhere to channel her ENERGY, we turn to Musical PE. Music and movement is such a perfect match and I really wished we had this during our days. Well, yes, we did, kind of. But probably not […]

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