music award patty shukla

Top Children’s Music Blog

I recently won an award for “Top Children’s Music Blog” from the reputable source This was a huge honor and I’d like to share their words with you.

music award patty shukla

Our Picks For The Top Children’s Music Blogs

​If you are the parent of a young kid, you likely understand the enormous positive impact that the arts can have on your child and his or her future. Music is one highly accessible outlet through which you can get your children excited about the arts. The Internet is an excellent tool for finding great music that you can enjoy with your children, as well as for learning more about the musicians behind these wonderful songs. This article will detail 11 of the best children’s music blogs around today, as well as give you some background on the owners of these awesome sites. Introducing kid-friendly music into your children’s lives will be a significant contributor to their development, not to mention a whole lot of fun for the entire family.

Patty Shukla Kids Music

Patty Shukla

As a lifelong musician, performer, and mother of three young children, Patty Shukla knows just how to capture an audience of kids with her playful tunes. Available through several outlets including CDs, online downloads, Youtube videos, apps and more, Patty Shukla’s songs are designed to help your children enjoy educational topics so that they can learn faster in school. With actual preschool and elementary school curriculum serving as inspiration for the content of her songs, Shukla’s music will supplement what your kids are learning in school seamlessly. Patty Shukla’s blog is a perfect representation of the fun, light hearted spirit that comes across in her songs, and well as the professionalism with which she runs her business. On the blog you will find posts introducing new music, tips for sending your kids to school, imaginative curriculum ideas for teachers, and much, much more. Shukla has an incredible ability to appeal to young kids in a way that makes them excited to learn; her blog is a terrific resource for youth education that all parents with small children should utilize.

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